Hair Style by Daniel Fortunato

Getting ready for your next stylish event/function? Let Hair Styling expert Daniel Fortunato share his top 3 thoughts and wisdom for these festive moments!

Tips for Curly Hair

Keeping your curls looking their bounciest this holiday season all starts in the shower. First you’ll want to brush your hair before washing. After shampooing your hair, work your conditioner through with a wide tooth comb, this will eliminate any tangles. Rinse and towel blot the hair (note: Any friction with the towel will lead to frizz). Apply a curl cream to the hair, twisting locks away from the face to define your curl. Let air dry for beautiful frizz free curls.

Tips for Limp Hair Needing Volume

Got fine, limp hair and want voluminous waves? Start off by shampooing your hair with a volumizing shampoo and just a little conditioner on the ends. Towel dry the hair to about 50% dry then apply a pea-sized amount of blow dry gel to the roots and a soft mousse through the ends. Flip upside down and blow until completely dry. Now, take large vertical sections, mist a light working spray over the section and wrap around a one inch curling iron away from the face. You’ll end up with six to ten sections depending on the thickness of your hair. Once done comb through with a wide tooth comb to blend curls and finish with one last burst of hairspray.

Quick Holiday Updo

Section the hair just below the top of the ear into two ponytails. Keep the two ponytails low and close together. First twist the bottom pony and start pinning into a figure eight formation.
Do the same top ponytail interlocking with the first pony for a chic low textured chignon.


Party time!

and that’s it! For more information, visit Daniel Fortunato’s Portfolio. His contacts and social networks are there as well. Or better yet, drop by, give him a visit and get first-hand information @ Del Monaco Hair Studio in Downtown Toronto!


Daniel Fortunato

Daniel is a professional Hair Stylist & Colourist in downtown Toronto.

During the day he works at Del Monaco Hair Studio. He’s been pretty  involved (and this is an understatement) with events and activities all around the city. You might have heard of his accomplishments: World Mastercard Fashion Week, L’Oreal Paris, Target and Walmart to name a few. The list goes on actually as he also did hair for the opening party of The David Bowie Exhibit at AGO, Hold em For Life charity fashion show, several L’Oreal Paris product launches and ScotiaBank Nuit Blanche.


Check out his Fourthdraft Portfolio


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