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Barcelona 2018 Walkthrough

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A-ha! This time I know how to fade out audio! Haven't seen Barcelona (yet)? Here's a quick walkthrough of Barcelona from my eyes then! Barcelona is definitely has more things to offer than what's shown here. I just had a great afternoon, wanted to wander, and the lighting was perfect! Something to get you reminiscing, wanting, or ...

Les trains


I miss standing at a train station. I miss looking at the schedule board and taking 5-10mins just to understand what the board says and where my train is and what time it will arrive/depart. I miss not understanding it because it’s not written in a language that I understand. I miss realizing that if I was in ...

(Very elaborate) Experience in flying Business Class (Part 2 of 2)


This article is a continuation of . So, I'm home now. Trip's done and all happy. Now, let's go back to that business class trip! Let's continue on the part where I boarded the plane! Here's a fun part, you know when you enter a plane, you turn right, right? (because left is cockpit)....well, I TURNED LEFT WOOO! No, ...

(Very elaborate) Experience in flying Business Class (Part 1 of 2)


As I'm writing this, I am just chilling and lounging inside Pearson airport's Maple Leaf Lounge. It is a VIP lounge only for miles members, etc etc, and business class flyers. So which do I belong to today? Business class! Woot! Here are a couple of notes for this article: I am not trying to "be flashy" ...

Overbooked flight – tips


It sucks when you planned your itinery only for the airline to tell you that your flight is overbooked / canceled. In my trip to Budapest 2014/15, I've had the experience of both: cancelled and overbooked. If you have a very important / emergency flight and it got canceled/overbooked, this topic isn't really for you. I can ...