By now you’ve probably just created your Fourthdraft Portfolio or you’re about to create it! This article will help you fill in your Portfolio (including your Resume) so that it is optimized and ready to be properly viewed by your audience!

These are the items on your checklist:

Creating an album

The very foundation of your portfolio are the albums. Ideally, you would want to have at least 4 albums. Think of them as folders. They can contain the following:
a.) creative works (e.g. images, videos or links) or
b.) another album (think of these as subfolders)

To add an album, log into your dashboard and click Portfolio in the top navigation bar, then click Add Album. A window like the one below will appear prompting you to enter the album information.

How to add an album from Dashboard

Add Album window

Fourthdraft Feature!
Fourthdraft aims to streamline and simplify content management for you.
If you click on the checkbox “Create an entry as well in your Resume under work Experience“, this will automatically create an entry in your resume with the information that you provide here.
In the upcoming release, you will be able to click on a Work Experience in your Resume and be redirected to the album that it is connected to in your Portfolio!

Uploading a creative work

A Creative Work is a final product resulting from your creativity. This could be digital (e.g. graphic/web design, photography), physical (e.g. painting, upholstery) or even action/event/performance-based (e.g. performance art, film, fashion). Fourthdraft aims to be your repository for all your creative and professional content.

Fourthdraft allows you to save and upload any type of creative work. If you go inside an album, you will see the “Add Creative Work(s)” button.

Add Creative(s) button

Clicking the button will show you the Creative Work Upload page. On this page, there is another “Add Creative Work” button. Click it and pick an option: uploading an image from your computer, embedding a link, or archiving a website.

Creative Work Upload Page view

Through any of these options, items you attempt to upload will show up in the Queue Grid on the left. This section shows you the progress of each Creative Work being uploaded. An orange loading bar will show the progress for each item under its thumbnail. Once uploading is complete, you can edit or add more information about that item by clicking on its thumbnail. Its information will load in the Upload Editor on the right.

Once you are done uploading all your work and editing their information, you can either Manage other Albums or Creative Works or View Your Portfolio. Find these options under the Portfolio tab in the header.

Ideally, you would want to upload at least 4 creative works per album. Of course, this depends on how strong your creative works are individually.

Completing your resume

Now for the informative part of your Portfolio: your Resume! Your Portfolio carries all the visual works that showcase your skill and talent. For some purposes, this may not be enough. Your audience may want to learn more – not about your work but about you. This is where your Resume comes into play.

Navigating your way to your Resume is easy. From your Dashboard, just click Resume in the top navigation bar.

On the Resume page, you can access your Experience, Skills, Education and other sections from the left navigation menu. It is suggested that you go through and fill in all the information in all the sections. Not only does that give you and your portfolio a sense of completion, but it also boosts your Portfolio’s appeal and credibility.

The more data you provide, the more your substantial, informative and useful your Portfolio becomes. The more data you provide, the more data we can use to make your Portfolio more discoverable and more relevant to searches, categorization and indexing. In short, the more data you provide, the more your Portfolio can serve you better.

Imagine, for example, what if a prospective employer searched for a designer in your country, your city? It would be a shame to not be able to include you in the search results because you have not provided your city and country in your Resume. So try to be as complete as possible!


In order to leverage what Fourthdraft has to offer and in order to maximize and optimize your Portfolio and web presence, it is highly recommended that you complete not only your Portfolio but also your Resume. (We even have a feature that helps you complete both at the same time!) Completing both your Portfolio and Resume increases the performance of your entire Fourthdraft Portfolio. The Portfolio and Resume work hand-in-hand to create an engaging and informative experience not just for you but also for anyone viewing your portfolio.

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