Fourthdraft values creativity, creative individuals, and creative works. In the world of arts and design, these can spawn from the “populars” (graphic design / photography)  to even culinary arts, interior design, and the likes which may not always be digital. Society nowadays wants to transform arts and design to the digital form, but we know of one immaculate company we support that tries to preserve and encourage the appreciation of art in its print form. This company is Artsocket. is a website that curates exceptional collection of arts (photography and painting as some). These collections are available for sale as prints. This means that you get a high-quality and immaculate print version of your art choice and this will be automatically shipped with care to your destination of choice.

The Artsocket team does a good job in carefully curating their collection and selecting only the best. Artists (or not) are encouraged to apply and submit their creative and compelling works at If selected, your work will be part of the Artsocket collection and be available to the public. You will be properly compensated of course. Frankly, we are not aware of the exact details of this and it is better to contact Artsocket at

Like Fourthdraft, Artsocket is an international entity with artists and even clients all around the world.
There are so many ways and reasons to enjoy Artsocket but it is better to experience it first hand.

Visit Artsocket and enjoy the many art collections that Artsocket has in store for you.

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