The Turtle Tart, created by Stephanie Duong

Milk chocolate mousse, salted caramel, candied pecans, and rum soaked choco biscuit in an almond shortcrust.

… That is the description of The Turtle Tart, a signature creation of Stephanie Duong – our March Featured User of the Month!

Stephanie is a globally-trained pastry cook, specializing in French pastries and confections. She is the owner and Pastry Chef of Roselle – a newly-opened dessert shop in Toronto, just a short walk away from the Distillery District.

The world was her textbook

After completing the two-year Baking and Pastry Arts Management program at George Brown college, Stephanie challenged herself to continue her education in kitchens abroad. In 2011, Stephanie moved to France. She worked at Restaurant Jacques & Regis Marcon, a three Michelin-starred restaurant in Auvergne, and then at Jacques Genin, an esteemed chocolatier in Paris. After a year in Europe, she returned to Toronto briefly before continuing her training in Hong Kong. Stephanie thrived in yet another three Michelin-starred French restaurant – L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon – where she stayed for another year.

“As I lived and worked abroad, travelled and fell in love, it became more clear that making pastries is what I am meant to do forever.” – Stephanie Duong

The loves of her life

Two great passions introduced themselves into Stephanie’s life while she studied at George Brown: a dream to open a dessert shop, and Bruce, her fiancé. Their love for each other and dessert led to the birth of Roselle.

“My fiancé, Bruce, and I came back from Hong Kong early 2014 and it took us about 9 months before we found the perfect location for Roselle.”

Stephanie has always been an entrepreneur at heart, having fun with previous side businesses, including etching glasses with a friend and a small floral business with her cousin. Though she has lived in multiple food-centric cities, she calls Toronto home. And now, Toronto is the home to her new dessert shop, Roselle.

Why name it “Roselle”? The name was inspired by the tool that crêpe makers use to spread the batter on their crêpière. Naturally, look forward to crêpes being a big part of Roselle!

“I revel in the entire [pastry-making] process- from a simple idea, or flavour, creating it, testing it, refining it and finally seeing people’s reaction as they taste the finished product.”

The Chef’s creations

Stephanie’s creations are based on her personal flavour preferences as well as classical flavour combinations. Her creations and the store are reflections of her travels, her tastes and her personality, with a touch of Bruce’s.

Curious to know which of her own desserts is the Chef’s favourite? Stephanie has a soft spot for tropical flavours, especially coconut, so she enjoys eating Loco Coco the most.

Take a peek at Stephanie’s creations in her Fourthdraft portfolio or visit her dessert shop, Roselle, to taste her petit gateaux, caramels, crêpes, biscuits, and other hand-crafted desserts for yourself!

Roselle is located at 362 King Street East in Toronto, by King Street East and Parliament Street.

What are Stephanie’s plans for Roselle?

“To constantly challenge ourselves and create delicious food.”


Check out Stephanie Duong’s Fourthdraft Portfolio


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